Re-evaluating your uniform program post COVID-19

Strategies to minimise the cost of your uniform program

With the recent disruptions, many businesses have had a chance to review and reset. Some will be looking to refresh, but for many facing a recessionary market it will be a case of interventions to stabilise the core business. Regardless of your current situation, now is the time to consider – is your uniform program optimised for a post-coronavirus world?

Making the most of this opportunity at a time of reduced budgets can be a challenging proposition. Here we offer 5 key areas to consider when developing a work clothing program that optimises your spend and delights your end users – the frontline staff who are the face of your business.

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The team at Tailored by Stafford have decades of experience in end to end management of business dressing, uniforms and corporate apparel programs. Tailored by Stafford are available for no obligation, free advice on implementing the following five strategies and exploring other approaches.

Low unit cost Vs total cost of ownership

A low unit cost does not always equal an economical uniform program and can mask the total cost to your business. You will need to review the supply agreement to check for additional charges and consider the cumulative costs of poor quality, returns and high stock liabilities to establish the total cost of ownership.

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Stock management accuracy, reporting & transparency

Clear and open communication is key to controlling your corporate clothing program. Can you answer “yes” to each of the following?:

• Does your supplier report regularly on stock and orders? Are the reports easy to read?
• Do they seek approval for all purchasing on your behalf?
• Is your supplier explaining the financial benefits of low stock levels for unique styles?
• Are you aware of all the contingent liabilities?
• Does your Account Manager provide yearly initiatives for service, product and cost improvements?

Is your workwear range structure right?

Your range should have enough options to meet the needs of your employees yet be focused enough for your supplier to achieve economies of scale. Consider also that creating a unique look is more expensive than choosing catalogue options, yet differentiating your brand is often central to a uniform program.

Finding this sweet spot between competing objectives is both an art and a science that requires experience to solve. As one of Australia’s most established corporate clothing providers, Tailored by Stafford are available to advise on how to achieve the best outcome.

Has your supplier fully exploited the potential of digital?

The digitisation of ordering, entitlement management, manger approval and returns will save time and improve the administration and reporting of your uniform program.

The measure of a great supplier though is whether these efficiencies mean your Account Manager and customer service are then proactive and available when you want a human to work with.

Tailored by Stafford are happy to explain how we realise the benefits of technology while keeping that personal approach, and what this can mean for the performance of your clothing program.

Ethical and sustainable supply chain

Ethical sourcing is a complex issue and whilst some suppliers are making genuine efforts, others are wilfully ignorant. Does your supplier’s ethical sourcing policy include modern slavery, child labour, safe working conditions and the welfare of workers? Is it backed with an active approach and auditing?

Environmental sustainability is often treated in much the same way. Some suppliers offer robust and thorough processes for fabric testing and development and the control of toxic substance use, while others do not.

The economic outcomes of coronavirus may further compound complexities around these issues. If they are of concern to your organisation you need a partner who takes them seriously. Tailored by Stafford are available for information on standards or to discuss ethical manufacture in our own Fiji based facility.

Tailored by Stafford are experts in the provision of workwear and corporate uniform programs and can provide obligation free advice on building an optimised uniform and workwear program to suit all stakeholders. Please contact us for more information.